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Models featured on this page are my original design, made from single square uncut paper.

About the Stamp 

I am partnering with Naoki Terao, on showcasing animals that are endangered. Through origami, we can raise awareness of endangered species and do something about our lifestyle that will not disrupt the survival of biodiversity! Check for more details.

My Designs

Part with different color is utilizing the underside of the paper.


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Warped and Wrinkled Paper Curse

After starting using Carboxy Methylcellulose (CMC), I began to wonder if my setup wasn't right. The problem was my double tissue would always peel itself when drying. There will be high pitched popping sound from the paper every now and then. Finally it would be completely off the surface. Whereas on every tutorial I saw, the paper will still stick to the surface and we have to peel it off. The bad part is the paper will be warped; it's not flat. It is difficult to fold a straight line on paper like this. Imagine precreasing a grid or locating references when your fold can be bent due to the paper's bump. I have theory on why the warp happened. Before going to that, it is important to know that: When a paper is wet, it expands. When it dries, it will return to the original size. However it will keep its shape when it is wet, meaning that if it is bent when wet, it will retain that bend when dried.  When my paper dried partially, that region will shrink. This created differe

Origami Bird of Paradise

Around August 2020, I consulted Ivan for active origami designer forum, hoping I can learn something there. He pointed me to Origami-Dan Discord server which is what I exactly needed. Later, he asked me if I wanted to join him designing bird of paradise. It sounds like a good learning experience, so I agreed. Each of us will come up with our own design and fold.

Origami King of Saxony Bird of Paradise

As mentioned on previous post , bird of paradise is actually a group of bird species. Each species has their own exaggerated plume, feathers, call, or dance to please the females. Another one that attracted me is King of Saxony Bird of Paradise. This bird only exist in eastern part of Indonesia, and I didn't even know it exist. I guess it is not popular worldwide either. Photo from  Berita dan Ilmu Pengetahuan I want to design this bird because of the display feathers, which provides interesting challenge. Those feathers are absurdly long, reaching twice of the body length.