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Learning the Proper Origami Paper

One day, I attempted to fold palm civet . This animal is mostly brown, with black markings around face, back, paws, and tail. I finished the design and wanted to give it a try on real paper. To get the brown & black color, I glued two craft papers I bought from Daisho. Initially the result felt alright, it is about 70-80 gsm, and maybe I can use it to fold mammal like this.

Origami Cordyceps

Cordyceps is a type of fungi that infect living insect, control it, and eventually make the insect move to desirable place to die. Then the fungi will release its spore to complete its life cycle.

Origami Earwig

When chilling in the garden, I saw an earwig. Of all the origami that I have seen, I didn't remember seeing earwig in origami except by Brian Chan. Therefore I decided to give it a try.