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Origami Frigatebird

Frigatebird is a very large sea bird. Its main feature is an enormous wingspan, a long & forked tail, and an air sac on male that can be inflated to attract mate. There are several species of it, and one of it is endemic to Christmas Island in Indian Ocean. They are critically endangered there. If I am lucky I can see them in the bay of my hometown.  This is the second version of my origami frigatebird. I made one before for Origami Dan's November design contest, whose theme was "aerial". The first version looks like this: Top quarter of the paper is folded underneath. Why? Keep reading. Since the topic was "aerial", I wanted to make this bird in flying pose. Something like what we as human will see from the ground. The air sac of course has to be color changed, and it isn't hard to do. However by introducing color change in a bird model with open wings, the wings will be tricky.