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Origami Swift Dragon

My submission for Origami Dan's April contest, whose theme was "dragon". Concept Famous designers have their own dragon: Satoshi Kamiya has Ancient Dragon. Arguably ryujin, bahamut, or alduin can be put here but those are taken from existing mythology or franchise Gen Hagiwara has Origin Dragon Hideo Komatsu has Gentle Dragon Chuya Miyamoto has his wyvern Shuki Kato has Western Dragon Kim Dong Hyeon has Temple Dragon ... and the list goes on This contest is a perfect excuse to design my own dragon. My preference is wyvern-typed dragon, which has 4 limbs: a pair of wings and legs. The wings are modified hands with extremely long fingers and membrane in between just like bat. I want to create dragon with aerial agility, so it shares features with agile birds like barn swallow and frigatebird. They have long wings and deeply forked tail feather. This dragon has no feather, so I gave it membrane at the base of the tail supported by spines. This will be called "Swift Dra