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Origami Indonesian Crane

Red and white on both side This is my participation on a contest by Indonesian Origami Community called " Kompetisi Origami Merah Putih " (Red and White Origami Competition). The color red and white is reference to the flag of Indonesia, as the country will have its independence day celebration on 17th August.

Origami Triangular Spider

Triangular spider is a family of spider whose abdoment has triangular (or heart) shape. Its most striking anatomical features are its predatory arms. The first two pairs of legs has spikes to capture prey. More details in .

Hello World

Introducing myself: William Gozali, an origami enthusiast from Indonesia. I always have great interest in origami. Me as a kid would pick random paper, make it square, and fold simple model like fish, duck, or crane. As school responsibilities got heavier, I stopped doing origami. One day at university's social event, my friend asked if I could do origami. As I was folding a simple model to show that person, I had flashback about the good old days of folding paper. I also remembered watching a Japanese TV show called "TV Champion", which one of the episode featured people folding crazy-complex origami like dragon. Being a computer science student at that time, I began to wonder if there is science behind it.