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Origami Bowhead Whale

Bowhead whale is a filter feeding whale which uses its baleen to feed. Some of its subpopulation was nearly decimated during commercial whaling from the 17th to 20th century. They were critically endangered but the population has been slowly recovering. The crease pattern asymmetry arises from the realization that just one flap is needed to make the lower jaw.

Origami Volant Penguin

Imaginary creature featuring penguin with cormorant wings. Designed for Origami Dan design contest, whose theme was "animal mashup". Design & Fold I saw a winged penguin in someone's instagram profile picture, and suddenly got this idea. When washing dish after dinner I thought of making a penguin with long wings. So what do I need? Two long flaps for wings, a short flap for head, and three short flaps for legs. Sounds like a job for bird base with point split, again. In fact the layout is similar with my frigatebird . On frigatebird, the remaining longer flap is used for color changed air sac. I can repurpose that for this penguin for color changed belly. There's not much to say about the design process. I just do point splitting on two opposite long flaps. Then bisect and sink all 4 edges near the smaller bird base flap. Picture below shows the sequence. Last step is bisect and sink. Closed sink or open sink doesn't matter. Repeat on all 4 sides. To make wi