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FoldFest Spring 2021

I had the opportunity to join FoldFest Spring 2021, which was hosted by Origami USA in online. We had to pay $40, but looking at the content and opportunity to meet people, I think it was worth it. Through this post I will share my experience on attending it. Prior to this, I had only one origami conference experience which was on Indonesia back in 2014. I felt so good when I met people with same hobby and we can discuss and share knowledge. In FoldFest, I had the same feeling. Even though we can't walk around and meet people in person, the committee of FoldFest used a platform called, which allowed us to create our avatar and explore the premade map. When we walked across someone, within certain proximity, a video call screen will pop up and we can see/talk to each other. To some extent that substitutes the feeling of meeting in person during conference.