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Origami Condor

Condor is the largest flying bird on land. They have broad wings capable of soaring for a long time, perfect to monitor earth surface in search for carrion. There are two kinds of condor: Andean and California. The one I made here is California condor, but with some head shaping change it can be made into Andean. California condor is critically endangered. There were only 27 of them back in 1987, as many died from poaching or lead poisoning. Not because someone deliberately poison them, but rather them eating dead animals killed with guns. Extensive conservation has brought their number up to ~500 by 2020. Design I adore how they look like when soaring through the thermal updraft, so I want to make them in flying pose. The essential feature to be represented is the broad wings. Making the primary feathers (the one at the end of wings) as individual strand of flaps is a must, so is making secondary feathers (the one along the wings) with parallel pleats. Color change is ignored because

Origami Snail

A simple snail model that can be made from regular small paper.