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Origami Halibut

The biggest kind of flat fish, which is a group of fishes whose eyes are located on one side of its body. They lie on the sea floor with "eyed side" on top, camouflaged among the sands, and look around to ambush prey. Design I have an idea for flat fish since 2021. The catalyst was my poison dart frog design. When I folded its eyes, I noticed how they form 3D bulges and the color changed interior are facing opposite direction. My poison dart frog from 2021 This reminded me of flat fish. Most flat fish origami out there has a flat color changed eyes, like the one from Hitoshi Kakami, Inayoshi Hidehisa, and Tu Kaiming. Adding the flat fish roster with this slight variation would be great. So the design began. Excluding the eyes, I gathered these essential features to be expressed: Big gaping mouth, or at least pronounced lips. Fish origamis are great when their mouth are gaping open. My favorite is this epic  tarpon by Takuorigami . Seamless body. It is attractive to have tha

Origami Coconut Crab v2.2

Change log from previous version : Wider abdoment Restructured head area for better proportion and simplicity Folded from single tissue, 50 cm. The model is still a straightforward boxpleating.