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Origami Remora

This is the fish that sticks on larger creatures, like sharks. The funny thing is the suction disc is actually a highly modified dorsal fin. Design The defining feature of this creature is of course the suction disc, along with slender body with some fins at the end. To make the suction disc, I would use a long flap and pleat it. The challenge for me was the hind section which has adipose fin (top), anal fin (bottom), and caudal fin (tail). I figured out that the anal fin can be made using a sunken sawhorse molecule: The paper that got pushed up is suitable for this fin. I can place this part near the end of diagonal and the excess paper in the corner can be used for caudal fin. For the adipose fin, I thought to somehow use the excess paper in the edge. Therefore I didn't plan it in the crease pattern. For the remainder of this post, I will omit the shaping creases shown in the picture above. Moving to the head part. I need a pair of pectoral fins near the suction disc that will ex