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PCOC 2023

After waiting for months. it was time for Pacific Coast Origami Convention a.k.a PCOC, which apparently is read like "peacock". It is a regional conference held every two years. This year's host was San Francisco, on 26th-30th October 2023. I live just 1 hour train ride there, so it was a perfect opportunity to get a taste of an origami convention. The special guests are Robert Lang and Tomoko Fuse. I am obviously a fan of Lang, but I haven't done any origami related to Fuse. Though I know that she has done a lot of respectable stuff. Pre-Convention I set several goals before attending: Participate in exhibition Teach a class Get Lang's autograph on my copy of Origami Design Secrets Hangout with origami people as much as possible Participate in design challenge Once registration opened, we could sign up to set up exhibition and teach a class. I signed up to teach  my halibut  which should be doable within 2 hours.  I contemplated whether or not to stay at Parc 55