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Daily Challenge Part 4 (21-27)

Here we go with the prompt #21 until #27. #21 Ornament: Fleur de Lis The requirement of 3 large flaps and 3 smaller flaps is ideal for bird base with one corner split. The challenge here is to make the curved structure on the sides. I have no other idea apart from doing the loose reverse fold.  #22 Teeth: Helicoprion Helicoprion is a prehistoric shark with teeth on lower jaw that looks like circular saw. I don't have experience on folding teeth apart from Takagi's mosasaurus which used a long flap that gets pleated. To follow that idea, I reserved the entire 1/4 corner for lower jaw. Naturally the upper jaw can be put in the middle to make a bird-base like structure: The remaining corners somehow should form body, tail, and other fins. It doesn't matter which corner should be used for the tail, the body length will the same since any remaining corners will yield the largest possible circle. I picked the lower left and now it became like a full blown bird base. I made a bird

Daily Challenge Part 3 (14-20)

Here we go with the prompt #14 until #20.

Origami Coconut Crab

Coconut crab is a species of hermit crab that has abandoned the lifestyle of carrying gastropod's shell. Instead, it grows hard exoskeleton and curl its abdomen underneath. This allows their growth to be unconstrained by gastropod's shell availability. As such they can get really big. Unfortunately their existence is on vulnerable state due to habitat loss and over hunting. The Origami-Dan's design contest theme for January was "improvement". We can submit improved version of our previous design. I guess it's good thing to do to start the year, to look back and see how much we have improved.